Sir Francis Drake Facts – The history

Francis Drake will always be a popular privateer and explorer. He was born from 1540 to 1544 in that of Tavistock, England. There is a ton of Sir Francis Drake facts that have to be learned. The father of Drake used to be a navy minister. This was the reason why Francis basically grew up near that of the sea. He then went to work. He acted as a captain even when he was still very young. His home suddenly became the ship. It was like dual purpose for him – home and work. He did not really know that there would come a time when fame and fortune will be brought to him because of the sea.

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Drake’s expeditions

The very first expedition of Drake can be linked to that of John Hawkins as well. He was the person responsible in captaining the Judith ship. There were six ships on that time and Judith was one of those. These comprise the fleet. Hawkins will always be the one to lead the fleet to that of Africa. This was the place where people were captured because selling to slavery was then carried out. During the expedition, they were found sailing across that of the Atlantic. This was directed towards the New World. The slaves were sold at a particular Spanish port. However, they were betrayed. Most of the warships of Spanish attacked towards the fleet. This destroyed a ton of ships. Judith and Drake escaped. However, Drake took this against the Spanish. He never gave them the chance to be forgiven, not in any way.

Once they returned from that of the New World, a revenge was undertaken by Drake. This was on the Spanish. A life of that of a privateer was taken upon. Since he was a privateer, the enemy ships were attacked. Britain was responsible to this. The same was also true with that of the Spanish. This was taken to their cargo. As for the Spanish, a pirate was then considered. As for the English, he turned out to be a hero.

In the next couple of years, Drake suddenly attacked the towns of the Spanish. Ships then took most of their silver and gold. He turned out to be a rich man this way. It was Queen Elizabeth I who noted the success of the endeavor. This was the reason why Drake was given a fleet of his own. The ship since then was taken towards South America. This was a way for them to have the Spanish plundered.

Aside from the one sided voyage, another has been undertaken as they went all over the world. This was another journey they had to embark on. It was on November 15, 1577 when they left England. He was the one responsible in captaining the Pelican, the largest ship there was. This was renamed Golden Hind later on. Adventures were unfolded later on. There were many sailors who passed away because of incurable diseases. They also wondered along the South American coast directed on the Strait of Magellan.